Shipping Policy:


The availability of the products and services offered is given on the web site by way of indication only. The website lists all of the products that are generally available for shipping orders unless otherwise indicated. Final validation of availability can only be given through an order confirmation by Borne Confections. Every order is confirmed by e-mail, on or before the date of delivery.


Once an order is confirmed, cancellations or changes will not be accepted. Once a shipment has been sent out, no returns, refunds, or exchanges can be accepted. In no event can a change be made once the shipment has been accepted by the shipper. Orders require a minimum of 24 hours for order processing, preparation and handling. These times may be longer during busy holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter.


All shipping shall be settled by credit card; Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover Card. Borne Confections reserves the right to suspend any order management or shipping in the event that authorization for payment via credit card is refused, if required data is not provided, or in the event of non-payment. More particularly, Borne Confections reserves the right to refuse to ship goods or honor any orders placed by purchasers who have not settled previous orders, either in part or in full or with whom the company is engaged in an ongoing dispute.


By making a purchase on-line from the website or forwarded via e-mail by any of Borne Confections designed representatives, you understand and agree that will collect the following personal information to process your order:

-Billing Information: your name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, e-mail address, credit card number, expiration date, 3- or 4-digit code

-Shipping Information: recipient name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, e-mail address. The customer has to make sure that the provided information is correct. Borne Confections is not responsible for errors in information that is provided to us. Any and all costs resulting from such errors will be charged to the customer.


A minimum order of $25 per destination is required. Shipments can be received on Tuesday - Friday by overnight carrier within the continental  United States.  Shipments however can only be packaged and sent out Monday – Thursday.  Packages will not be delivered to  PO boxes. We do not ship or deliver over the weekends or on Holidays. Depending on the date requested, there is the option of 2-day service, or overnight.


2nd Day Delivery

All orders placed will be delivered 2 business days from the date of processing.  Orders are only shipped out on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. For example,

  • Orders placed on Monday can ship Tuesday to be delivered Thursday.
  • Orders placed on Thursday can ship the following Monday to be delivered Wednesday.

Overnight Delivery

All orders placed will be processed no later then the following business day, expect for Fridays, and delivered the next business day after that. Orders are only processed Monday – Thursday. For example,

  • Orders placed on Monday can ship Tuesday to be delivered Wednesday.
  • Orders placed on Thursday can ship Monday to be delivered on Tuesday.

Borne Confections is not responsible for delays caused by events beyond our control, including strikes, natural disasters, weather emergencies or any delays caused by our overnight delivery carriers. Credits or Refunds will not be offered due to delay caused by our overnight delivery carrier. 

When ordering product from us, it is agreed between the parties that Borne Confections products are for personal use only (by you or other individuals that you are ordering for) and that it will not be resold by you or anybody else without authorization by Borne Confections.


Shipping & Handling Rates vary and should be addressed at checkout. 

All States within the Continental US: (Per Destination)


For Orders shipping to  Alaska Hawaii or  Canada, please contact 212-787-7811 for details on shipping charges.

Again, there is no guarantee of product availability or specific delivery date until you receive an order confirmation as such.


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