Christmas Orange

PRICE: $20.00

ORANGE (-220 Grams)

This Orange jam made with Maltese oranges is highlighted with the Fruits of Beraweka. This design by Christine Ferber is soft and full of flavour made with fruit from beraweka. The beraweka is a traditional cake which is cooked during the holidays in Alsace and Germany, made from figs, apricot, hazelnut and raisin. A real delight spread on a slice of toasted brioche or on a hot pancake.

Christine Ferber, internationally regarded Master Patisserie known as the "Queen of Confitures," prepares these jams in Alsace, France. The freshest seasonal ingredients are used prepared in copper pots in batches no larger than four kilos.

A perfect accompaniment to toasts, brioches, crepes, french toast, or waffles.

Ingredients: orange, figs, raisins, apricot, sugar, apple pectin, lemon juice.

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