Oriol Balaguer was born in 1971. The artistic chocolate creations of his pastry chef father, awakened his vocation and conviction from a very young age that he would become a world renowned chocolatier, pastry and dessert chef, a trade for which, as he himself explains, he was born.  


After attending Confectionary Trade School and the best patisseries in Spain and Belgium, he was hired to work with world-renowned chef and culinary genius Ferran Adrià, who defined him as ‘one of the most well-rounded professionals in the world of gastronomy’.  Ferran Adria's restaurant El Bulli was known as one of the best restaurants in the world, and Oriol's time spent with Ferran Adria supported his culinary philosphy of creating avant-garde, haute sweet cuisine and confections.

In 1993, when he was only 23 years old, he received the notable distinction as the Best Artisan Confectionary Master in Spain. 
In 2003 he decided to take a leap forward and demonstrate his creative talent, formidable energy and personal attitude full of a critical spirit by creating a gourmet artisan chocolate brand that would bear his name. With an outlook inspired by architecture and design, Oriol Balaguer creates sweets and chocolates that harmoniously blend refined artisan techniques and perfect taste balance.


Inventor of new sweet pleasures, in a few short years he has created an exceptional culinary heritage whose recipes combine innovation and quality to meet the high standards of his clientele.


Sensitivity, perception, luxury and creative sophistication. Oriol Balaguer’s creations represent the symbiosis between confectionary preparation and cooking. Sublime aromas and contrasting textures that are visually breathtaking combine his knowledge and experience. Oriol Balaguer's has a commitment to create the most exquisite chocolate confectionary cuisine and developing new techniques that provide the menu with modernity and exclusivity. This creativity is expressed through a strong brand image, thus reconfirming his leadership in the world of luxury cuisine.


In 2002, his Chocolate & Confectionary Studio was opened in Barcelona, the first in Spain. A local innovator and rule-breaker with respect to traditional confectionary concepts. A sweet cuisine showroom converted into a laboratory for thought, development and production. He has one shop in Tokyo, one in Madrid, one in Barcelona and in the US where his chocolates are featured on-line and at the retail location "The Sweet Palate". 


World Champion Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. Oriol Balaguer manages to EXCITE us, SURPRISE us and make us EXPERIENCE new gastronomic sensations. He is truly a gastronomic revolutionary.

Please see a video on how Oriol creates his chocolates by clicking here.

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